Oliver Cromwell restoration project at the Great Central Railway - Part 5

12/5/07 I visited today for my eleventh working session. Since my last visit the tender frames have been lifted from the axles and moved out into the yard for painting. They have been mostly primed, although the new top rear stretcher still needs to be fitted, and the dragbox looks as though some sections need cutting out and replacing. I wire-brushed and primed some of the hornblocks and spring hangers. Some of the pipework has been refitted to the locomotive frames, and the radius rods have been refitted. The new cylinder liners need to be fitted before any more of the motion can be refitted - the canisters of liquid nitrogen used to shrink the liners into the cylinders have been delivered, so the liners are probably not far behind.

the front of the tender frames, part of which I primed today

the spring hangers and hornblocks

the bearings for the tender brake shaft, the crank arm for the water scoop mechanism, and the pins for the safety chains

the tender front beam

the radius rods have been refitted to the expansion links

the rear ring has been fitted to the smokebox, and the manifold cover is being cut out

16/6/07 I visited today for my twelfth working session. Since my last visit the new cylinder liners have been fitted, and work has started on the tender tank. Apparently quite a lot of work will be needed on the internal baffles. I wire-brushed and primed the rear half of the vacuum pipe that runs the length of the tender. This weekend the GCR is staging a re-enactment of the D-day preparations, with the river Soar representing the English Channel separating the British and US forces at Quorn station to the north and the Germans at Rothley to the south. Being stuck in the engine shed at Loughborough I missed all the action, but apparently it's well worth a visit and happening again tomorrow.

the new cylinder liner in the left-hand cylinder, with cut-outs at the top for the steam ports

the cladding on the left-hand cylinder, presumably yet to be painted

the rear half of the tender vacuum pipe that I wire-brushed and primed today

the tender front panel, showing the recess for the handbrake gears

the interior of the tank, viewed through an access hole that has been cut in the lower part of the front panel

the inside of the coal bunker, viewed from the front. Note the lifting rings, the tool tunnel on the left of the picture and a strengthening girder on the right - most of the vent on the right has been cut away

28/7/07 I visited today for my thirteenth working session. Since my last visit the tender wheels have come back after having their tyres turned, and work continues on the interior of the tender tank and the firebox stays. New valve piston rods are being turned on the lathe. I put a coat of black gloss on the rear tender steps and on the tender axles. I met a builder of a Winson Britannia who follows my website - if he'd like to email me using the link on the home page, I can put him in touch with another Winson Britannia builder who contacted me last week and who lives fairly close to him.

the original smokebox door ring has been fitted to the new smokebox, and a reinforcing plate has been fitted to the inner floor

one of the tender steps that I painted today

the tender wheels with newly turned tyres - I put a second coat of gloss on the axles today

the pistons and piston rods ready to be refitted

a new valve piston rod being turned in the lathe

the spacers that sit between the tender axleboxes and the springs, showing the underside that bears on the axlebox

the top rear plate of the tender, showing part of the water filler, the top of the ladder and the step. The yellow object in the foreground is a bucket, not part of the tender

the right hand side of the bunker, showing one of the tank vents, and the tool tunnel with its front removed

a view of the bunker looking forward through the open doors

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