Oliver Cromwell restoration project at the Great Central Railway - Part 3

7/10/06 I visited today for my fifth working session. Since my last visit five weeks ago the steel tube for the new smokebox has arrived, most of the pony truck has been primed, and various suspension components have been painted. The bogie wheels are about to be refitted to the bogie frame - the bogie horn blocks were being shimmed to the correct spacing today. I cleaned up and primed one side of the bogie springs and the pony springs. The bogie, driving wheels and pony should all be refitted to the main frames within the next few weeks.

the steel tube for the new smokebox - surprisingly thin, in fact probably no thicker than the Modelworks smokebox!

the pony truck, primed

the rear end of the pony truck, not yet painted

the bogie springs that I worked on today - the paint still wet in places

the grease nipples and pipes for the main hornblocks, fitted above the brake hangers

the rear face of the front tender buffer beam, showing the bracket supporting the end of the water feed pipe from the filter box and the brackets supporting the front step

also seen at GCR today - the resident GWR Prairie, 4141. Today was a steam gala day, but the other locomotives including the visiting Merchant Navy class Canadian Pacific must have been further down the line because I did not see them

and the class 47 diesel 'Sparrowhawk', driven by Nigel, another model engineer.

11/11/06 I visited today for my sixth working session. Since my last visit five weeks ago the bogie wheels and pony wheels have been refitted to their respective frames, the pony has been painted, and the main horn blocks are in the process of being shimmed to the correct spacing to receive the axleboxes. Work is also starting on the tender chassis, and the tender tank will be removed from the chassis soon. I worked on the locomotive front steps, using a compressed air needle gun to remove the old paint and loose rust, then cleaned them down with a wire brush and white spirit and primed them.

the bogie wheels reassembled to their frames

the pony truck, painted and with wheels refitted. Note the red stripe on the axlebox, which 70013 has never had before!

the main springs, painted and ready to refit

the inside of the tender chassis showing the front axle and brakes

the front steps that I cleaned and primed today

7/12/06 I visited today for my seventh working session. The driving wheels have still not been refitted to the frames - apparently some of the bearing faces in the horn blocks have worn too thin and replacements are awaited. I cleaned and primed some new rivets on one of the top stretchers, and then cleaned out the exhaust manifold below the blastpipe.

the saddle from the rear, showing the exhaust steam injector pipe mounting flange

a top view of the exhaust manifold that I cleaned today, showing the curves directing the steam upwards

the right hand cylinder casting from above, partly painted

the inner side of the right hand lubricator

the right hand end of the weighshaft

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